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Title: RULES
Post by: Johnny Kaname on May 25, 2008, 04:28:59 pm
When signing up please make sure you read the rules and understand and follow them...

2. No attacking anyone character or using their character if you dont have permison in Pitch Black RPS and pay-per-view RPS.

Ps The same thing goes for managers.

3. No complaining on the way I DO MY RESULTS it might take a while so NO COMPLAINING

4. I dont mind arguing here just keep out the insults. Like your mom or anything..OOC

5. Respect other people. If there is a thread saying TBC: a name then dont go juming in it if its not your name.

6.Signing Up:
You have a 24  Hour Window to get your Contract up...if Not then you will be deleted no questions asked...however you can resign up and post your contract but if you dont then you will be deleted and prolly banned too.

7. You have a three strike thing for no rping in Pitch Black and pay-per-view matches...Once is okay then second time i want a damn good reason and thrid your gone.

8. I really don't care on what Picture Base your use just as long as it is human based and that means no 4 arms or three eyes oh and a image can only be used three times.

9.  If you have Sex in your Rp please put out a warning at the top of your Rp we may have younger people that are members in this Fed.

10. You can have up to 3 characters in this Fed if you can handle it.

11.Only one post on the deadline no sandingbagging We like to give people a fair chanceto rp....its all about having fun.


Title: Re: RULES
Post by: Johnny Kaname on June 25, 2008, 03:00:52 pm
And people who are not accepted are not able to see the character development boards you have to be assigned to a show before you can see the development boards plain and simple you have to fill out a contract to see the character development boards.