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Title: Sparky is here
Post by: Jason Sparks on July 26, 2008, 10:48:37 am
Name:Jason Moriarty
Wrestler Name:Jason Sparks


Picture Base:John Cena

Image of wrestler:
John Cena



Hometown:Reno Nevada

Marital Status:Single


Wrestling Style:powerhouse

Alignment (Face/Neutral/Heel):Neutral

Theme Song: get psycho by disturded


Associates: (Tag Team Partners, Friends, Relatives...)

Achievements: (x4) Tag Champ
(1x) King OF TnM
(1x) IC Champ
Finisher (s w/description)
Finisher Name(s) [Max of Two]:
1.Spark U
2. Spear

Finisher Description(s) (If Needed):1. FU

Favorite moves(Must have atleast five):

1. DDT
2. Suplex
3. Super Kick
4. Throw Back ( Flipping Reverse Neckbreaker)
5.Flying Shoulder Block
|-Straight Arm Clothesline
|-5 Knuckle Shuffle
|-Top Rope Fame Asser
|-Spine Buster
Moves Description(s) (If Needed):

Biography: Join CWO and win the King Of TnM championship in 2 match ever. and then won tag gold shortly after. then it went up from their lol

Title: Re: Sparky is here
Post by: Johnny Kaname on August 01, 2008, 10:34:48 pm
Accepted, Welcome TO EDW